About AOH

AOH is a partnership oriented social-enterprise that promotes global development and cross-cultural exchange. From our Head Office in Lomé, Togo we develop products and services for two markets: Africa and the Rest. Within Africa we provide capacity building tools for small to medium enterprises and individuals including: English courses and affordable mini websites. We also lead small-scale development projects, e.g. reforestation and public health education around water, sanitation and hygiene. For the Rest, we’ve built multi-stakeholder partnerships in Ghana and in Togo to implement our Global Service Programs: ProWorld Ghana and Discover-Togo; providers of customized group programs and individual internships.

Our Mission

Africa Our Home’s mission is to support development in Togo and in Ghana; to promote friendship and partnership between Africa and the Rest of the world; through inclusive global service programs, capacity building, technology and environmental stewardship.

Our Vision

A prosperous and connected Africa, fulfilling potentials hand in hand with educated and compassionate global citizens.

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